Hello, everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I checked in.  So,… Happy New Year!

I opened 2018 with what I named “the BIG sick!” It wasn’t the flu; but, a trip into Hell, nonetheless! Stay healthy! Okey-dokey, let’s push on…

(SPOILERS ahead! Go to the link at the top of the page to read ‘THE VANGUARDIAN to date’ if you’re new to DANGER! – Karl.)

Nim races to help in THE VANGUARDIAN: Ch.2 – INTERVENTION!

Some of you stalwarts have noticed that THE VANGUARDIAN is back for another 12-page episode of Vol. 1: Kings & Pawns. The first chapter, ILLUMINATION, started in visions within our man’s, Einian’s, mind. In the course of this “vision-quest” he suffered a psychotic break that may have dire consequences in “reality.!” With a few posts in, Ch.2: INTERVENTION picks up with Nim, the nice lady with weird feet, racing to aid the mysterious Merl with Einian’s predicament! Subscribe free here at dangercomicscorp.com for alerts (& access to all our previous posts...that’s 200+ pages of rippin’ yarns, ladies & gentleman!) Stay tuned for more intense scifi-action & some “steampunky-myth-mashy “ goodness posting on Tuesdays!

As a side dish, ANOMALIES, our 160-odd-page-flagship-yarn, is getting a “dustin’ & cleanin’!”  I’ll be going back in time to rework the first 17 pages in an effort to “compliment” the style of pages going forward in the epic beginning of the “DANGER-ous Universe.”  This is not to say that Trina Teo’s inking of these pages is substandard.  Trina is a gifted graphic artist.  Our intent is to bring some synergy to the style for a future publishing…hmmm!  This is NOT a “soup-to-nuts” redux!  We believe that it’s important for us, and the reader, to see our evolution in sequential storytelling!  Trina afforded me the time to get comfortable with the counterintuitive process of working with a tablet.  We are in her debt for that.  We’re not going to rewrite history.  There’s enough of that going around these days, y’know!

Finally, Dave Thomas, the writing head of the Two-Headed Danger Gorilla, is in the process of bringing DANGER COMICS into visual media.  He is busy making  our data-base solid with Kassy Taminini, our Web-lady, for future newsletters & specials for you, our great supporters!  All this will help in future endeavors with self-publishing & fiscal support on our Patreon page!  Staying in DANGER is not without costs!  More on that real soon!

I think that’s enough to digest, for now!  I can’t thank you all enough for your support!  You’ll make 2018 more “DANGER-ous” than ever!

See you Tuesday for the next post of THE VANGUARDIAN!

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS