Greetings everyone!
We at DANGER hope your holiday revels are proceeding in good order. I wanted to roll the rock away from my cave to give you some updates.
THE VANGUARDIAN: Kings & Pawns- Ch. 2, INTERVENTION is on it’s way to bring you a 12-page, action-packed episode on Jan. 9! Where Ch. 1 sought out ILLUMINATION within the visions of our man, Ch. 2 deals with the ramifications of his visions in reality! INTERVENTION features supporting

Nim races to the aid of Einian & Merl in THE VANGUARDIAN: Intervention! First post Jan. 9!

cast members Nim & Merl, as introduced at the end of ILLUMINATION. Boy howdy, it’s going to get weirder as we start our weekly posts. If you need to review, then go to the top of the site page & read THE VANGUARDIAN – To Date. The first 12-page episode sets the stage for what’s in store Jan.9!
Meanwhile, things are going to the next level at DANGER COMICS, … but we’ll save that for another update! PSYCH!
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Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS