I made an underwater “splash!” – Punning Karl

What a difference 15k hours make! Still finding my “sea legs” in the original splash page from Dave Thomas’ 7-page version of “Rock Bottom!”

Howdy, Folks!
Yep…it’s been a while.  The last 6 weeks have been like running a gauntlet!  I hearken back to a time when my father told me, “You know you’re getting older when breakfast is every 15 minutes!”  You figure that working on time-travel yarns, I could figure out how to manipulate time.  It’s not the case, however.  If any of you can figure out how to add 8 to 12 hours to the 24 we have, I’d be willing to be your servant…well,…do your laundry, at least!
Dave Thomas & I have been working diligently on getting you our “rippin’ yarns” to you every Tuesday. Our stalwart webmaster, Kassy, keeps the site you’re reading this on tidy & running smoothly!  We are working on expanding to include some merchandise; a newsletter; commissions by yours truly & exclusives for all you DANGER-ous followers.  Stay tuned right here!  Now, it’s time to geek out!
I loved doing this week’s post!  If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, this was the final page in the original, 7-page version of THE ANOMALY: Rock Bottom!  Dave & I did this prior to the release of ANOMALIES, our flagship yarn!  We thought it prudent to acquaint ourselves with a “fully-formed” hero of our design.  As a writer, Dave always reminds me that starting at the end and working backward is good for crafting a great story.  It helped Dave expand ‘Rock Bottom!’ into a great 12-page, “post-ANOMALIES” adventure.  Remember, you can read all of our past yarns here.
That being said, there are two post left of Rock Bottom!  The final post will be December 12 which brings us to the threshold of the holiday & New Year.  So, we’re going to take a brief hiatus.  

THE VANGUARDIAN: Ch.2 – Intervention!  will start posting on either January 2nd or 9th, 2018. We’ll keep in touch over the hiatus with updates, alerts & other DANGER-ous stuff. You’ll be sure to know soon after we do!
Thanks for your support & getting into DANGER with us!

Karl – The Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS