Last week seems like a year ago! There is a lot of things to distill. NYCC 2017 is bigger than ever. Some of the reported numbers exceed 200k in attendance! That makes it the biggest pop-culture event in the world, full stop! Okay… here we go!

Buddy Scalera’s Comic Book School panels are an annual tradition at NYCC!

Panels: Must say that this is why I go as a creator. The first one Dave & I went to was an advanced Kickstarter panel. The highlights of crowdfunding were given by “Spike” from Iron Circus as she went through her successes & failures. one of the tops in panels ever attended at NYCC’s!
Buddy Scalera did his annual Comic Book School panels where I spend most of Fridays at every NYCC.! It’s a “must-go!”

Buddy’s Comic Book School resources are never out of my reach.

I get to have an eye-to-eye with Jerry Ordway (Superman) as he does his real-time breakdowns for a script with other pros in the field. Buddy’s Comic Book School materials have saved me 100’s of hours!

Cosplay is a great way to “geek out” for comics. Just watch wear you point those blades “Freddy Joker!” cosplay-nycc-2017-image

Cosplay: They’re creative, passionate people who love the medium. I love the families that come flying their “geek-flags.” What are these big-budget comic-book movies, again? Yep. Professional cosplay! Note: Somehow, it wouldn’t be NYCC if I didn’t get my eyes nearly poked out by a 6’4″ Ghostbuster sporting his rig! Next, year…safety glasses!


Next installment will be about fostering good will with creators and my time with Jim Steranko at the end of every day at NYCC 2017!  You’ll never know who shows up!  See below, if you don’t believe me!

Jim Steranko, the legendary innovating Capt. America & Nick Fury artist, is pictured with another “Captain” of some renown! – NYCC 2017

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