Darryl the “DMC” from a little group named Run-DMC & Gentleman Jim Steranko.

Whew! I might have to split this up into two posts!
Though Dave & I are mired in the milieu that is New York Comic Con, I would be remiss if I didn’t touch base.
THE ANOMALY: Rock Bottom! is 2 weeks into posting & the response is encouraging to say the least! Jeff, the ANOMALY, is back this week as the man outside time that fixes time, itself, whether he likes it or not!  We’ve had a brief revisit to 1947 after events in ANOMALIES!

Dinah is hashing plans in THE ANOMALY: Rock Bottom!

Dinah, our cool cowgirl, & Jeff, the “Jeff” in the mangled 1947, are rebuilding their lives after near obliteration by ANOMALIES!  But, Dinah has made up her mind & is hashing plans with Jeff to solve the mystery behind ANOMALIES! Stay tuned!
THE VANGUARDIAN: Ch.2 – Intervention is in the “DANGER-ous” kitchen being prepared to serve after THE ANOMALY: Rock Bottom! finishes posting.  We pick up after our main character, Einian, has had a psychotic break within his visions.

Nim races to the aid of Einian & Merl in THE VANGUARDIAN: Intervention – Coming soon!

Nim, the nice lady introduced at the end of the first installment, runs to the aid of the mysterious Merl as Einian’s visions may have dire consequences in the real world!  More updates for Einian, Nim, & Merl are forthcoming in future posts! You can read ANOMALIES along with THE ANOMALY & THE VANGUARDIAN to date by going to the top of the page! That’s about 200 pages of rippin’ yarn fer ya!

A “DANGER-ous” bookmark is a key to rippin’ yarns at NYCC!

Dave & I are handing colorful, useful bookmarks at NYCC that give folks access to all our webcomics, too.  Just look for the silver-backed gorilla handing them out.  Dave is the nice, southern gent!

NYCC 2017 is geeking me out this year!  Jim Steranko is a highlight and it’s great to spend time with a living legend of the medium!  We communicate weekly on the Twitter; but, there’s no substitute for eye-to-eye discourse.  If you’re at NYCC this year, then visit him at Booth #2907!  He has prints & ephemera priced to sell and you’ll get a sincere firm handshake in appreciation!

You’ll never know who’ll drop by to pay respects if you go there!

I’ll give you a NYCC wrap-up with musings & observations before Tuesday’s post of THE ANOMALY: Rock Bottom! Until then, stay DANGERous!

Karl – The Karltoonist for Danger Comics