What the…?
From our perspective, THE ANOMALY: Rock Bottom! revisits a story done years ago. Like Monster Moon, the 1st solo ANOMALY yarn, “RokBot” was an effort to flesh out the character before Dave & I embarked on the epic, 160-plus-page origin, ANOMALIES. Well, several years & many weekly posts later, we get to dust of these yarns for the benefit of a growing, “DANGERous” universe.
Personally, reworking pages after thousands of hours of practicing & honing is the best thing. That process will continue until they carry me away from my table in a box. For Dave, he has added 4 spankin’ new pages to reflect a “post-ANOMALIES” yarn in “RokBot.” So, 8 pages become 12, which will be our episode lengths going forward, most likely.
“The V’s” first 12-page yarn, Illumination, a dream became a vision-quest; and it deteriorated into a quixotic, psychotic break. Like the title suggests, we hitched a ride on his journey, and learned of events leading down a hallway billions of years long to the present! But, as most of us know, for every query answered, two or more appear like a hydra! Right now, I’m working on THE VANGUARDIAN: Ch.2 – Intervention. That will be an action-packed, 12-page yarn featuring Nim, “the nice lady,” running to the aid of the “mysterious Merl” in an effort to save Einian, our main man! More will be revealed! Hey, what’s up with her back & the dragonflies? I like dragonflies… & anything that has “dragon” attached to it, for that matter!
Finally, next week is New York Comi-Con at the Javits Center in NYC! Dave & I will be at panels & touching base with cool, comic creator & icon friends from all over the world! It’s a great community of creators and the lion’s share of them are here at their own expense! Please support them & buy their wares! Hope to see you!
I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the devastation visited on the mainland & the Caribbean during this hurricane season. Please give what you can & make sure you go through legitimate, sanctioned relief organizations! We rise & fall together!
See you Tuesday for the next post of ANOMALY: Rock Bottom!

Karl Ottersberg – The Karltoonist for Danger Comics