I’ve said it before… the DANGER never stops!
This is an invitation to read THE VANGUARDIAN: Vol.1 – Kings & Pawns, Ch.1 – Illumination!  We thought it would be cool to remind our stalwart supporters to read THE V’s first chapter en toto while inviting more folks to get into DANGER.  Of course, when you subscribe free to the site, you get access to all the previous yarns in the “Dangerous Universe.”  It’s our way of saying thanks for the ongoing support and a hearty welcome to those new to the DANGER!  In THE V: Ch.2 – Intervention, we’ll be getting to know a few more important players in some intense, sci-fi action in “reality”... and it will be just as weird!  So, click the link, THE VANGUARDIAN- To Date, at the top of our webpage and dive in!
Now, it’s time for an alert.  So…
THE ANOMALY: Rock Bottom! will post weekly starting Tuesday, Sept. 26th!  This is the second installment of the ongoing adventures of Jeff Monroe, a man out of place in his time who has become a man outside of time that fixes time, itself!  This continues the story told in our epic, flagship, rippin’ yarn, ANOMALIES!  You can click the links at the top of the page to read ANOMALIES and THE ANOMALY: Monster Moon in their entirety, also.  That’s around 200 pages of rippin’, sci-fi yarn! I’d get started, if I were you.
To finish, we appreciate all the ongoing support and welcome one and all to get into DANGER! If you’d like to support DANGER COMICS fiscally, then be a patron by clicking the PATREON button at the top right of the page (to the left of the ANDROMEDA galaxy. See it? There you go.)  All proceeds go to offset website costs and funding for future printings.
On behalf of The Master of Yarnage, Dave Thomas, and I, thank you ad infinitum for getting into DANGER and supporting independent comics.

See you next Tuesday for THE ANOMALY!

Karl Ottersberg – The Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS