In an unprecedented year of “never-before’s,” and not to diminish those harmed by HARVEY, I want to call attention to all our friends in Florida. All of you; whether old, new, or DANGERous, have our wishes for your safety and well-being. In spite of the impending storm, we appreciate the occasional updates from folks like Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner, two west Florida residents. They are among the most generous folks in the comics industry. They’re kind and giving. With that said, we should take their example and be ready to reciprocate.
This may be the worst hurricane season on record. Harvey and Irma have Jose and Katya coming from behind. At the time of this writing, Florida’s governor has given his final evacuation request. Some towns have curtailed responses to emergency calls already! If you are able to help financially or tangibly (food, water, etc.,) please vet the charity pipeline you choose, thoroughly. Don’t throw resources out the window with scams! We’ll endeavor to post legitimate venues for help here & personally.
In DANGER COMICS news, the last post of THE VANGUARDIAN #0 will hit the ether on Tuesday. We’ll post some updates for the upcoming ANOMALY yarn, Rock Bottom!, soon.
All the best & stay safe.