SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read THE VANGUARDIAN to date, STOP reading. Go to the top of the site page and press the link to THE V – to date. Tuesday will be the penultimate post of Chapter 1: Illumination. Vol. 1: Kings & Pawns will resume after the next ANOMALY yarn, Rock Bottom! Maybe sooner…

Here we go…
“In the beginning, there was an ending.” These are the first words spoken within Einian’s dream. The “familiar female voice” recounts the saga of the Enlilians, a venerable, cosmic race. They built a  starship, the planetissimal, that carried them from their dying planet to the stars. To shepherd them on their voyage the Elder Enlilians constructed the Overseer. This “A.I.” tended to everything while the Enlilians were in their Eggs during the millennia.
When a potential world was found the Overseer would determine what Elders would be best suited to settle it through an eons-long contest – The Game. We find out the Overseer is Einian’s nemesis. We’ll find out why in future chapters.
Einian is seeing these events unfold, though not realizing he is within a vision quest. It is revealed that the planetissimal has entered our solar system after an eternity in the emptiness of space. The Overseer sends the two remaining Elders, Votan and Hubilax, to Earth where they commenced the Game!
The narrator reveals herself as Einian’s mother, or a manifestation of her. We pop into “the real world” to see Einian is in a strange Enlilian-like helmet submerged in liquid. He’s being monitored by a concerned “someone.” This marks the beginning of a psychotic break as his mother pulls him through space and time to ante-diluvian Earth.
Epochs pass during a recounting of the legendary sunken civilization, Hy-Brysil. Furthermore, she tells Einian that “someone like him” has always thwarted the GAME! Einian’s psychotic break is complete as his mother leaves him with fading words, “Help her. Save her. Help him…join him…” Our man is unhinged, at this point!
Meanwhile in reality, the person monitoring Einian is extremely concerned, if not frightened of Einan’s worsening condition. His name is Merl. Merl phones a woman tending to her roses, Nim, to tell her to come “the old way” to his and Einian’s aid. She kicks off her boots revealing her “talon-like” feet. Also, we see that dragonflies grow in number about her as she becomes more agitated. What’s up with that?

Whew… that’s The V, so far.  When you read (or reread) it, you might find some eggs that are more Easter than Enlilian, too.  See you Tuesday for THE VANGUARDIAN’s penultimate post of Ch.1 – Illumination!

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