Distilling a lot of my parents’ advice, I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to understand everything, but, seek “understanding.”  For me, it’s no different with women.
I don’t understand women.  I’m a healthy, heterosexual man.  However, as a human being with very strong female influences in my life, I have some and seek more understanding.  My mother gave me the best advice about women.  Men see things in a mostly linear way – 1, 2, 3, etc.  Women sit in the middle of a round room and see everything at once.  Biologically, a female brain has a larger corpus callosum.  It’s not surprising the female brain’s hemispheres communicate more efficiently.  A woman’s body is beset with more demands than the man’s.  Then, there’s that famous “female intuition.”  But, I digress…In THE VANGUARDIAN, the “narrator” is manifested as Einian’s mother in a vision quest. She “sits in the round room” and sees everything. She provides context to what were scattered images for him. We’ll learn more about “Mom” in future yarns.
Last week, we were introduced to the “nice lady” pruning her roses (top of page.)  She will be indispensable in the story going forward.  I would venture to say that she is the “spirit” within THE VANGUARDIAN.  She’ll blow your mind!  She won’t be the token female, either. Stay tuned.
In ANOMALIES and THE ANOMALY, we have our “cool cowgirl,” Dinah Stonehouse.  She’s an anomaly herself for 1947 stereotypes.  In my opinion, she was written by Dave to project a contemporary young woman.  To be clear, she’s no sidekick or damsel in distress.  Dinah is resolute and strong while embracing her femininity.  When I draw her, I respect that.  I think she’s a great role model for young women. Some of my friends’ daughters love Dinah.  That’s a good litmus test.
If you know me from Facebook, then you know that I love to draw women.  I endeavor to draw them with respect.  Thankfully, the females in comics are being written and rendered with more respect.  But, there is a long way to go, in my opinion.  With more women in the field than at any time; and more women reading comics, the medium will continue to improve.
Finally, thanks to all the women who have been frank with their constructive criticism in rendering and your advice in writing female characters.  I’ll never understand; but, I have more understanding because of it.

S’ya Tuesday for the next VANGUARDIAN post.

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS