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Wow! I can’t believe that we’re into the last third of The Vanguardian: Chapter 1: Illumination. It’s been great fun to stretch on this yarn.

Thus far, we’ve taken a vision-quest with our man, Einian. The “narrator,” who we learn is his mother, recounts the cosmic journey of the Enlilians and their quest for survival after the demise of their planet. Furthermore, we learn that the Enlilians have constructed an A.I. known as the Overseer to shepherd them and find suitable worlds. We learned in last week’s info-dump that the Overseer created the GAME, a competition to determine who among the Enlilians would be best suited to “settle” a world… and Earth is not easy as the others.

All this is very taxing on our man, Einian, and his psyche. He’s treading into the quixotic where visions and reality intermix! This week we, the readers, step into reality for a couple of panels. We meet a very nice lady tending to her roses. She is of immense importance in Einian’s life…but, we’ll get to her in future posts of The Vanguardian: Vol. 1 – Kings & Pawns. Surely, the real world will be a weird world!

See you Tuesday for the next post of The V!

– Karl- the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS

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