Hope this finds you amidst a great weekend.

For those that have been following THE VANGUARDIAN over 8 weeks, we have come to the third act of Kings & Pawns: Chapter 1 – Illumination.  If you have NOT been following “The V,” then stop reading this to read THE VANGUARDIAN -To Date at dangercomicscorp.com.  A spoiler or 2 from previous posts may cause grinding & gnashing of teeth. Okey-dokey? Cool.

To start, we know the name of our man is Einian (see pg.7 – posted 8/1/17.) In my research for “The V,” I came across this great, old, Welsh name. Einian means “anvil.” His name will have deeper meaning as we go forward.

Additionally, I hope you have been brushing up on your Descartes.  We’ll be going into a cartesian, realistic dream lead by Einian’s mother, a familiar voice to him narrating the vision-quest from the first post of The V: K’s & P’s – Ch.1.  This week’s post (Tu., 8/15/2017) will be a massive “info-dump” in context with a familiar legend.  A background of the  GAME, and Einian’s possible role within it, may result in some damage within…& without!  Don’t miss it.

In ANOMALY news, Dave & I are cooking up Rock Bottom!, the next rippin’ yarn & 2nd adventure of Jefferson Monroe, the man outside of time that fixes Time!  We’re going back to 1947, so I get to draw old trucks & our cool cowgirl, Dinah!  We’ll be going back to our ANOMALIES roots, working on old pages and fleshing out new ones!  Stay alert to DANGER!

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Thanks for all the continued support!  See you Tuesday for The V!

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