If you have been following THE VANGUARDIAN, then you have followed him through the same vision-quest. In Ch.1: Illumination, the images of a cosmos-faring race seeking it’s survival were revealed to you & our title character. But, he has known he was in a dream-state, thus far. Well, after six weeks of patiently following him, it’s time for a break. A psychotic break.
A familiar, female voice has been relaying the tale of the Enlilian seeding of our galaxy; but our man has not been able to quite place her. Well, it’s time for something to kick a door open that confuses dream with reality! Who do you think she is? Find out in a few hours at dangercomicscorp.com!
In ANOMALY news, I’m busy revisiting the next rippin’ yarn, Rock Bottom! It’s another tale that was done before we fiddled with physics and shredded space-time in ANOMALIES. This go-around, Dave Thomas has added a few new pages, bringing it up to a 12-page, time-travel adventure. Since posting ANOMALIES, Dinah Stonehouse, our cool cowgirl, has become pretty popular with readers. She’s essential in the DANGERous universe. She’s got plans that will be revealed!
Well, that’s about it.  Keep getting into DANGER and get somebody you know into DANGER, too!
We hope to see you in a few hours for the next post of THE “V.”

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS