The “planetissimal” orbits outside the rings of Jupiter. (From THE VANGUARDIAN #0)


View of Saturn from Titan – C. Bonestell

Chesley Bonestell

Before Hubble transmitted stunning images of our universe, scientists relied on artists to visualize their theories. In my opinion, Chesley Bonestell is the best.
Mr. Bonestell could take the theoretical and anchor it in visual terms that were relatable to all. For that reason, he’s my copilot when rendering backdrops for our yarns at DANGER COMICS.
For example, THE ANOMALY: Monster Moon was a visit to Zeta- Reticuli, a bone fide binary star system a few dozen or so light-years away. Both stars are yellow like ours and one has a “hot Jovian” orbiting it ( like Jupiter, but with more water-based compounds and what-nots.) You might have seen AVATAR. Pandora orbits one.
In THE VANGUARDIAN, you have been taking a trip (or tripping) in a vision-quest through our galaxy with some novae and nebulae. If they seem familiar, then go to some Hubble image sites.
Believe me, I know we make time-travel stories and scifi yarns. But, there’s something about putting in some “reality” in them. With space art, the truth is often stranger than fiction.
Thanks to my father for getting me into science and science fiction.

See you Tuesday for the next VANGUARDIAN post!

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