I love a good chicken soup. I remember my grandmother using the skins to make a good stock. No cheating with bullion cubes with her. Truly, it made for a tasty foundation to a great soup!
In comics, the term, “chicken fat” refers to the “stuff” in the background of a panel. Comics is a visual medium like theatre and film. Set and costume designers; & art directors and set dressers make sets for the actors play in. It’s no different in comics.
Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Power Girl) is the best in backgrounds, in my opinion. She’s not called the “Queen of Chicken Fat” for nothing. Her characters are immersed in wonderfully packed environments. Check out some of her work through the years. In a deadline-based business, the amount of work is stunning and aspirational.
When we come back to 1947 in the next ANOMALY chapter, Rock Bottom!, my hopes are that I put enough chicken fat in for a tasty soup
In VANGUARDIAN news, we continue to travel with our title character in a vision-quest for Illumination. Keep asking yourself “Who is the mysterious woman recounting the Enlilian’s journey?” and “Are these visions his?” Things will be revealed in good order!
See you in a few hours for the next post of THE VANGUARDIAN!
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