In last week’s post of THE VANGUARDIAN: Kings & Pawns, we met the Elilians‘ construct, the OVERSEER. A super-computer of their making, the Overseer is the brain of the planetissimal, their ark to the stars. It is responsible for the health and care of this organism. The planetissimal, if nothing else, is a massive organism, “pregnant” with Eggs, the stasis pods of the Enlilian survivors. However, after eons of wandering the cosmos in search of habitable worlds, it seems reasonable that an artificial brain with such power would attain self-awareness on a massive scale.
Consequently, the Overseer, like any sentient being, has an agenda. Going beyond it’s programming, it learns every time it finds a suitable planet to “seed” with its Enlilian children. It makes all the decisions for the Elilians, also. Though it may not have been the intent of Enlilian Elders to abdicate their will to the Overseer, it has happened, nonetheless.
Becoming more efficient with experience, every potential planet would be settled by various methods, as ithe Overseer imposes its will. Some of these methods will be shown to you and the title character as we continue the vision quest in Ch. 1: Illumination,
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