By now, I hope you have had a chance to check out the first post of The Vanguardian: Kings & Pawns. As promised, the adventure begins within the mind of our new character.
I can only speak for myself; but dreams begin as a cascade of mirky images. Sometimes, they slow down and coalesce into a movie or running narrative. As we begin posting Chapter 1: ILLUMINATION, we are privy to images that our hero may have some knowledge… or not. We are being illuminated to their meaning with him…or not. So, the wispy, painterly style of the first few posts will reflect the beginnings of a dream, or vision quest, we are “hitching a ride on.”
Within the visions, there is a female voice narrating. This is a familiar voice to him and a guide through the visions. For you, the reader, the text provides visual guideposts through pages devoid of traditional framing. They’re as much a part of the composition as the imagery.
Enjoy your trip and don’t get lost!
See you in a few hours in the next post of The Vanguardian!

Karl – The Karltoonist at DANGER COMICS