I remember it vividly.  I returned home from the hospital after having shattered my femur.  I was a physically active guy prior to the accident.  After, I had no choice but to stop. Call it what you will, I had my “mid-life crisis” in a tangible way.  Nonetheless, I had loads of downtime.  It’d been about twenty years since I’d become cynical about comics, so, I decided to do my own.

At around the same time, Dave was writing a screenplay he always wanted to write.  It was a time-travel yarn in the spirit of classic Republic Picture Serials.   That would become ANOMALIES, our rippin’, time-travel epic yarn and the flagship of DANGER COMICS (but you can get more on that by clicking “About Team Danger” at the top of the page.)

Fast-forward a decade, I won’t be running any marathons; however; after about 17000 hours of drawing every day on DANGER projects and practice, THE VANGUARDIAN is ready.  I can’t thank Dave enough for having my back, in spite of my occasional resistance and the world’s efforts, in general.  Also, the encouragement and constructive criticism I’ve received from comics artists & icons, alike.  I have never felt part of a community of creative folks that is so generous and encouraging.  To all my friends and family, I hope my FB posts have given you a smile or two (check out about 1000 of them at Facebook.com/KarlOttersberg & Facebook.com/DangerComics – 1000?…yep, 1000!)  Finally, I want to thank my mother, Frances.  She always encouraged me and taught me that creativity was more like a sacrament than a gift.  Think about that.

Thanks for letting me get that out.  Now some DANGERous news.  THE VANGUARDIAN: Volume One, Kings & Pawns will debut this Tuesday, June 27!  In Chapter One – Illumination,  we will take a vision quest with our main character.  Are the vision his?  We’ll learn along with him in ongoing posts!

Dinah & the other Jeff from ANOMALIES-Ch.6 – Chronoclysm

While The V is posting, Dave and I will be working on the second installment of THE ANOMALY, Rock Bottom!  This yarn will feature the return of Dinah Stonehouse, our cool cowgirl, and the “other” Jeff Monroe, the Anomaly’s doppelgänger in an alternate timeline set in 1947.  More news and updates with that in future posts.

Humble thanks to all for your continued support of the DANGER.  See you Tuesday!


Karl Ottersberg – the Karltoonist at DANGER COMICS