On April 10th, I posted a few words under the title, “A Hero’s Not Born,…He’s Made.” While circumstances contribute to the making of a hero, there is something within that pushes the “heroic” into action. THE VANGUARDIAN will start at the “very beginning” with images long past coalescing in a vision quest. We’ll take the character’s journey along with him in the first, 12-page chapter;
THE VANGUARDIAN: Kings & Pawns, Vol. 1Illumination.
As I’ve conveyed in previous posts, “THE V” is going to graze on social scifi; myth-mash some familiar legends; get some steampunk fer ya; and put it into a rippin’, adventure yarn. That’s what we do at DANGER COMICS.
I’m glad to have Dave Thomas (ANOMALIES & THE ANOMALY) as a writer-in-residence. His editing acumen is essential and, as one of the heads on the Two-Headed DANGER Gorilla, it has to meet his standards, too.
In other news, while THE V is posting, I’ll be working on the next chapter of THE ANOMALY, Rock Bottom! Once again, this is a story that was done before we started ANOMALIES. However, we’re going to see what Dinah has been up to as Dave has written new pages featuring her. If your new to DANGER, your fortunate. You can read ANOMALIES from the beginning through THE ANOMALY: Monster Moon, here!
Well, that’s all for now! Stay alert to DANGER and see you next Tuesday for the premier of THE VANGUARDIAN: Kings & Pawns!
Karl, the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS