I know it’s bee a bit; but, I’m busy in my cave doing some rippin’ yarns for DANGER COMICS.
If you are no stranger to DANGER, then you’ll recall that ANOMALIES, our flagship yarn, was in glorious black & white. We decided to do it as an homage to classic Republic serials. If you’re new to DANGER, ANOMALIES spanned 150 centuries from our recent past to our far future (or possible future!) Read it at . It’s the back story for THE ANOMALY. But, we’re not in 1947 anymore.
In THE ANOMALY, I allowed myself the opportunity to pay homage to some of my favorite illustrators like McGinnis & Peak. It’s been quite a journey for this pencil & ink guy. As said before, going forth DANGER COMICS yarns will be in full-color…unless…?
On THE VANGUARDIAN front, the style informs the narrative as much as the word! I like the wonders of our universe and love painting them. You can never do it proper justice. Furthermore, we meet our main character in what may be described as a less “tangible” environment.. or is it?
On PATREON at we have a $10 tier. In addition to what’s in the description, I’ll render an original 10″x13″ piece of any comic book character you want for a 12-month commitment.
Well, that’s it for now. THE ANOMALY: Monster Moon post will continue the “crazy” in full-color, of course.


S’ya Tuesday at !

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS