Howdy, Everyone!
Usually, I don’t write a rant on DANGER Day, that’s Tuesday to newcomers and the uninitiated.  But, today’s post will mark a leap forward in DANGER COMICS‘ trajectory in fashioning rippin’ yarns for your enjoyment.  It’s all about the environment.

Every visual medium has an environment for their characters to play in.  I’ve worked hard to resist the temptation to push on with the story without giving the environment its due.  In comics, it’s referred to commonly as “chicken fat.”  Just like cooking, too little means bland; too much and you risk routing the out, so to speak.  Icons like Kirby, Steranko, Wrightson, etc. treated us to their characters in amazing environments.  Their renderings revealed something new with every reread.  My favorite contemporary artists like Amanda Conner, Laura Braga, Pier Brito, Pedro Mauro etc. carry on as scions of backgrounds, putting their characters in lush environments that enhance the narrative.

So, when you read this week’s post of THE ANOMALY: Monster Moon, you’ll realize that we are not in 1947 as seen in ANOMALIES, the flagship graphic novel at DANGER COMICS.  We’re in the new world of full-spectrum sci-fi.  Oh, yes… we are!

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Enjoy today’s post!

Karl – The Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS

P.S.  Speaking of backgrounds…THE VANGUARDIAN is coming along and will be a rippin’ yarn, for sure!  It’s DANGER, after all. – K.