Hello, everyone!
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, being Tuesday, is DANGER Day! That means the a new page of THE ANOMALY: Monster Moon will be posting! Jeff continues his transformation into a hero for ALL time. Stay alert to DANGER and never miss a post!
In other news…
We added another tier to our PATREON site at the $10 level – Time-Traveller First Class. Future tiers will be announced going forward. Click the link at the top right of the site page. Check it out to share in the DANGER!
The lion’s share of my time is pent developing THE VANGUARDIAN. This new title is really challenging as I am writing and drawing it! Dave is editing it ensuring that it maintains our standards as a rippin’ yarn!
See you tomorrow in the ether with THE ANOMALY!

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS