Dave and I are finding another gear as we accelerate toward the March 28 debut of THE ANOMALY, the next rippin’ yarn from DANGER COMICS!
Though THE ANOMALY will be posting in the weeks ahead, we’re not slowing down.  With the first post next Tuesday, Dave and Kassy, our webmaster, are making the DANGER COMICS site pop with a new look, now.  Furthermore, we will be expanding our reach on the etherwebs and more fans who love a good rippin’ yarn. In our last post, we were humbled by the support shown from around the world.  Particularly, Brazil!
Wilson Vieira and Pedro Mauro are inspirational talents I interact with frequently.  Dave and I were overwhelmed by support of comics fans from their beautiful country this week.  You put a lot of steam in our stride, Brazil!  Thanks!
There are so many more folks, appreciators to icons, that have been supportive and inspirational, too.  We have never interacted with a creative community more generous and supportive of one another.


In upcoming posts, I’ll be giving progress reports on THE VANGUARDIAN title that will join the DANGERous universe, in good order. I describe it as “same church…different pew,” but a rippin’ yarn, nonetheless. As mentioned in previous posts, I’ll be doing a “mini rework” of the first pages of ANOMALIES, also.
Dave will be busy scribing more adventures and working on a “top secret” project to expand our reach. DANGER never sleeps!
Humble thanks for all your support and share DANGER wherever you are!                See you Tuesday!

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS