Oh, yes! Dave & I are chomping at the bit! THE ANOMALY will slam into the ether in the first post of “Monster Moon” on Tuesday, March 28th!
Continuing right where ANOMALIES, our 160-plus-page, flagship, rippin’ yarn; left off (see the final post of ANOMALIES, Chapter 6: CHRONOCLYSM! above,) we will follow the time-spanning adventures of Jeff Monroe.
Jeff, who has thwarted the schemes of raiders from Earth’s far future, has been changed by the power of triangulum crystals, and has become a man outside time…an anomaly.
Jeff is pressed into service by the disembodied consciousness of Syne, wielder of the Andromeda Stone that powers his time-spanner. Syne’s mandate, given to him 150 centuries in Earth’s future, is to patrol the continuum and stop anything that threatens it. After the events chronicled in ANOMALIES, space-time is in shambles. Jeff, whether he likes it or not, is uniquely qualified to assist in the restoration of the continuum as THE ANOMALY.
So, if you are new to DANGER, then read ANOMALIES for the events leading up to the first post of THE ANOMALY: MONSTER MOON. If you have embraced DANGER, then you have waited long enough!
Stay tuned for updates on THE VANGUARDIAN, too!
See you next Tuesday and thanks for your continued support.

Karl – The Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS