Greetings from DANGER Lab in Brooklyn, NYC!
I’m happy to report that I’ve completed the pages for THE ANOMALY!  The BIG alert to the first post’s release will be next week.
Dave is putting the final touches on word balloons, as the art informs him on tweaks to the script.  This is our process and where the stories become “rippin’ yarns!”  After all, you READ a comic book. This is the moment that I encourage folks to consider Art Spiegleman’s (MAUS) quote…
“Comicbooks are a gateway drug to literacy.”
Get the kids away from the video games and work those imaginations every once in a while!


I said it before…we at DANGER COMICS are constantly raising the bar.  With THE ANOMALY ready to slam the etherwebs, characters from our epic, flagship story, ANOMALIES, have evolved to meet the challenge of mending shredded space-time. Furthermore, we have evolved to make our stories more…, well, just more!  More great stories.  More great art.  More DANGER!  Our mission is MORE!
Whew, I’m pumped.  I’m going to work on THE VANGUARDIAN, now.  More about that new title in upcoming posts.
All the best; stay tuned; and never-ending thanks for letting Dave and I share the DANGER with you.

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS