As I write this, I’m inking the last panel of the last page for THE ANOMALY, the first “post-ANOMALIES” yarn at DANGER COMICS. Dave & I are chomping at the bit to hit the ether with some DANGER.
We at DANGER COMICS endeavor to craft tales that we would want to read ourselves. We’re not naive to think that everyone’s tastes are identical to ours; but we figure if you start with a good story, then folks will find some enjoyment from it. If it isn’t a “rippin’ yarn,” then you won’t find it at DANGER COMICS.
That’s a very important word at DANGER COMICS. For Dave, it means taking you on a journey of discovery through the eyes of characters and situations in writing an action-packed romp. If you look closely, you may find a resonate polemic or two, also! For me, it’s driving the story visually through a cinematographer’s eye.
Dave and I gorge on film noir and classic Republic Pictures movie serials for inspiration. If we have done our jobs in writing and illustrating, both should be greater than the sum of their parts. Once again, if it doesn’t meet our standard of a “rippin’ yarn,” you won’t find it at DANGER COMICS.
Well, I’m back to it. Thank you for embracing DANGER and stay tuned for the BIG alert!

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS