Hello everyone.
I’m almost done with inking the original pages of the first ANOMALY yarn! This is very exciting, since the “square job” has been dominating a large chunk of time and energy. I found myself thinking of how I could exist in a 36 hour day…but. alas… this only exists in time-travel yarns we do here at DANGER COMICS (Read ANOMALIES – our hero, Jeff Monroe, can tell you!)
What’s is most fun about doing ANOMALY stories, is that I get to revisit the pencils I did years ago (many thousands of hours of drawing ago!) I get to tweak and prod them. Dave gets to tweak and prod his stories, too. A helluva lot of stuff was fleshed out in ANOMALIES that HAD to inform The ANOMALY, thus, slightly changing its trajectory going forth. This will inform certain aspects of The VANGUARDIAN, too! They’re different in tone, but as I like to say, “Same church, different pew.”
So, thanks for your continued patience and support. Dave and I will make sure our rippin’ yarns will be worth it!

Stay DANGERous!

Karl – The Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS