We’re busy in the DANGER-ous kitchen whipping’ up some rippin’ yarns like THE VANGUARDIAN & THE ANOMALY, the first in post-ANOMALIES adventures.  But, it’s ANOMALIES I want to bloviate about a bit!
When we began DANGER COMICS, Dave had a script in place & I was beginning to doodle some pages while trying to get my “chops” back.
We had Trina Teo offer her talents as a graphic artist in inking my pages in ANOMALIES: Ch. 1, TIME CHASM!  This afforded me the time (6 months!) getting myself acquainted with new-fangled contraptions like tablets & digital rendering.  It’s at the beginning of Chapter 2: FUTURE TENSE, where I did all the work “script-to-sceen,” as it were.
Fast-forward 15000 plus hours, hundreds of practices drawings  & 150 odd pages later, ANOMALIES was completed & I collapsed (not really, but, I was pretty scorched, nonetheless.)
Get to the point, Karl….
The point is that I will be doing a “re-visiting” of the first 17 pages of ANOMALIES.  Dave & I are forever grateful to Trina for her great work and we’re not casting it aside. It has more to do with tone & style, not quality.  Gordon Klimes did some work after Trina and it informed me of the style we were going after. That’s staying.  I think it’s important to share our journey of growth & discovery. To be clear we’re not rewriting history…, but it’s time-travel.  You can always go back!

Stay tuned for breaking news with THE ANOMALY & THE VANGUARDIAN!
We’re starting the year on a DANGER-ous note!

Thanks for your continued support!

Karl – the Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS

Above: Pencils from ANOMALIES: Chapter 1, page 3 of “Time Chasm” – by Karl Ottersberg (Grazing on Frazetta, for sure!)