I’m keeping it short this week due to a massive, seasonal sinus infection! Those of you who know, I have “50-pound-head syndrome.” However, I’m not letting it stop me from doodling two, new, rippin’ yarns for DANGER COMICS!
Last week’s post dropped the name of our first post-ANOMALIES tale, THE ANOMALY! If you are a vet or new to the DANGER, then I highly recommend you (re)read ANOMALIES before THE ANOMALY slams into the ether. I know I have. Time-travel is hard and we have loads of paradoxes to tidy up!
So, here we are… THE VANGUARDIAN – a reluctant hero that can see behind “the curtain.” A cosmic GAME is being played for dominion of our beautiful world. While the world goes about its axis, our hero prepares for the inevitable signs of ENDGAME. But, he’s tired and quite apathetic. Also, he has a prickly relationship with his daughter. So, there is family drama, too
I’m working hard on this one. It will be in full color and the art will reflect dream states and reality (or combinations of both!) The GAME is being played for what’s “in between your ears,” too!
Thanks again for your indulgence and keep Spreading the DANGER!

Karl – The Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS