anomaly-teaser-12716Hey, Everybody.
After an extended hiatus with NYCC ’16; “mental-flossing;” election madness (more ‘mental-flossing;) & some more midnight oil infernos; Dave & I are real close to slamming the ether with some more DANGER!
We agreed that it would be a great time to drop the name of our new title. It continues the adventures of Jeff Monroe in the “post-ANOMALIES,” rippin’, time- travel yarn…


The first tale picks up right where we left Jeff at the end of ANOMALIES.  Now, that he is a man outside of time, he is the only being that can clean up the mess we made out of the continuum… whether he likes it or not.
These premier ANOMALY yarns were written in the beginnings of DANGER COMICS while Dave was fleshing out the character & we had just started ANOMALIES.  Now, revised & augmented (with me getting better doodling them, hopefully!) these sic-fi romps with Jeff are better than ever! Along with the spankin’ new VANGUARDIAN, 2017 will be more DANGER-ous, for sure!

So, thanks for all your patience & support, most of all.  The Two-headed Monster at DANGER COMICS loves sharing our passion for this, the greatest of storytelling mediums!
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Stay tuned!

Karl, the Karltoonist