Hey, Karl! That’s just about enough of that!

“Playing with words” aside, the title of this little rant has some relevance – we’re going into some dreams in THE VANGUARDIAN!

Our hero will have dreams that are whoppers!  They will shine a light in a room billions of years wide.  They will inform him and you, the reader, about his nemesis!  How is this possible? Are these lucid dreams his? If not, then how can he be having them?  Are they memories?  Well, we’ll endeavor to answer these together.

Make no mistake.  This is not going to be a class on a 17th century philosopher, or a seminar on cartesian dreams.  However; dreams do inform, collate experience, and warn us, in some cases.  They’ll do the same for our hero (& all the heroes) in this new, rippin’ yarn!  At DANGER COMICS, rippin’ yarns are what we do!

So, I’m going to keep this short and get back to work.  Then, I’m going to dream.

Don’t forget!  New “post-ANOMALIES” yarns by Dave Thomas are simmering, too!  Next week is New York ComiCon, DANGER’s annual pilgrimage into the milieu of fandom!  Who knows…there might be reports!

Meanwhile, thanks for your continued support of the DANGER!


Karl, the Karltoonist for Danger Comics