Apologies for being persona in absentia from the etherwebs. New rippin’ yarns are in the works in the DANGERous lab; one of which I’m writing (Wowsers!)  I’ve said before with ANOMALIES, as writ by Dave Thomas, all I have to do is storyboard the movies his tales makes in my head.  That film is a “silent film” when written by another party.  I’ve discovered that writing and drawing is a “talkie.”  A bit harder to say the least.  So, I’ve been working on pacing and dialogue for THE VANGUARDIAN. I’ll be showing more pages to Dave, wearing the editor’s hat, soon.  Meanwhile, I’ll be scratching out some pages for the first chapter this week, in spite of a massive commission and increased hours at the “square job!”
But, wait… there’s more!
The first of Dave’s “post-ANOMALIES” yarns is in the works, too!  I only have to draw those (“only?”… yeah, right!) and these stories will live up to our “rippin’ yarn” credo.  I’m chuffed to explore the new adventures of Jeff, the man without a timeline, while his “other self” remains in 1947 with Dinah (of course, our cool cowgirl is back.) They need questions answered with that pesky UFO incident in Roswell.  One such question you can ponder…

Would you rather be out of time, or outside of it?

Not much of a choice, I know!  Jeff, Dinah, and, …ahem… Jeff will have to deal with it in new tales.
In the meantime, I’ll be posting some “progress” teasers to THE VANGUARDIAN in future postings here and at @ and Twitter @DangerComics1!

Thanks for your patience and continued embrace of DANGER!

Karl – Karltoonist for DANGER COMICS