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WARNING: Spoiler alert for those new to DANGER COMICS! You can read ANOMALIES – From the Beginning here at the site…oh, yes you can!

A few weeks ago, I briefly touched upon what Jeff, Dinah, and “the Other Jeff” are dealing with in a post-ANOMALIES universe. Dave has put more rippin’ yarns in the DANGER dugout; and they’ll be up to bat this Fall. What I want to touch upon are some are some points to ponder in the weeks before we drop them.

There is a saying that “those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed repeat it.” With time-travel, that may have consequences for a timeline in both directions! If you look at the final page of ANOMALIES above, the final panel shows Syne’s time-spanner leaving the Earth with our monster, the HAND, in tow. Aboard is our hero, Jeff, the masked rider, who I will refer to as “Cosmic Jeff,” for now. However, back in 1947, there’s a “Jeff” left behind.

A consequence of ANOMALIES and a thwarted CHRONOCLYSM (see ANOMALIES, episode six,) Jeff is burdened with the knowledge of what really happened near a small town in New Mexico. Jeff and Dinah, our cool cowgirl, have taken some hits. While Cosmic Jeff will be involved in “space-time mending” yarns, the earthbound Jeff will be getting to the bottom of what happened at Roswell. Having lost her father, Dinah, no sidekick by any stretch, will try to get to the bottom of it with him. Don’t forget. General Cashman and Major Lyman were witnesses to the “weather balloon” switch. Will Jeff’s and Dinah’s search for answers conflict with Cashman’s and Lyman’s? You’ll have to wait until the Fall!

Well, that’s it for now. Next week…some more background for THE VANGUARDIAN! Until then, stay DANGERous!

Karl, the Karltoonist at DANGER COMICS