Greetings from DANGER COMICS.

With the premier this Fall of the new rippin’ yarn, THE VANGUARDIAN, I decided to give you a bit of background… so, let’s play a GAME.

This GAME has been played by an ancient race on many worlds for eons. As they left their dying planet, these cosmic refugees placed all their power into an OVERSEER of their creation. This entity searched the galaxy for potential planets to settle. When a planet was found, the OVERSEER would choose two representatives from among the “sleeping” race to play a GAME. The winner would assume dominion over the world. Then, the OVERSEER would search for the next world carrying its sleeping race on its slow-moving, generation-starship, the PLANETISSIMAL

Well, the OVERSEER created the GAME because of limited resources…no massive invasions here. Hidden from view, the players “nudged” any sentient beings on the planet to develop resources and technology. Sometimes, the OVERSEER would experiment on the inhabitants or abduct them for its ongoing search. After eons, the winner would passively assert dominance in ENDGAME. As the steward of its civilization, the OVERSEER continued to be impassionate, geometric & linear in assuring the survival of its race in a passive-aggressive conquering of worlds. It worked very well until now.

More eons pass. The OVERSEER was approaching the edge of the galaxy. Worlds suitable for its race were rare. Resources were depleting and the previously settled planet to far to turn back. Then, it found an ordinary star in whose system was a unique world… a world with abundant life. The OVERSEER was hard-pressed to choose which form of life to be “pieces” in the GAME. It settled with humanity.

This species was similar to its own race and could be easily nudged in the beginning turns of the GAME. But, it found at the beginning of the first ENDGAME for Earth, “a piece” thwarted the GAME, and a cataclysm occurred. The GAME was reset for the first time. Now, after eons, the second ENDGAME for Earth is here. Another “piece on the game-board” is not cooperating. The OVERSEER will be ready for the VANGUARDIAN this time!

Next week, some more news about post-ANOMALIES yarns!

Thanks folks for the continued support in spreading the DANGERous word.

Karl, the Karltoonist at DANGER COMICS