The ANOMALY TeaserDinah2

SPOILER ALERT: If you’re new to DANGER COMICS and haven’t read ANOMALIES, go to the link at the top of the page and read ANOMALIES – From the Beginning.  If you’ve already embraced the DANGER, then read ANOMALIES again, anyway.  It’s like time-travel without the pesky paradoxes.

In ANOMALIES, the flagship comic for DANGER, we shredded space-time epically hard. It will take more than duct tape to fix this. It will require some more rippin’, sci-fi yarns.
We have some scripts in the can, thanks to Dave; and I will be starting to doodle some pages soon (I’m scratching out some VANGUARDIAN pages, now.)
In the upcoming “post-ANOMALIES” episodes, we’ll be journeying through time (of course) and revisiting some old friends in 1947 as they deal with the ROSWELL “thing.”
Our new hero, Jeff, will take on a new mantle whether he likes it or not.  He’ll be traveling through time and space as a man outside time and space.
Meanwhile in 1947, “the Other Jeff” will take on an old mantle that’s new to him; and Dinah, our cool cowgirl, will share the burden of knowing the real story behind ROSWELL. Dinah will be dealing with rebuilding RADIO RANCH and the death of her father, too.  There will be some crazy surprises, too!

There are some great stories there; and guaranteed to be rippin’ yarns!

Once again, Dave and I appreciate your support of DANGERous things! Back to the drawing board.

Karl, the Karltoonist