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guardian – n.: a defender, protector or keeper.

vanguard – n.: the foremost part of an army or force; a position at the front of new
developments or ideas.

vanguardian – n.: ?

The new rippin’ yarn from DANGER COMICS CORP. will take us on a journey that will explore something we all take for granted; but, we never really had… free will & self-determination. THE VANGUARDIAN, a victim of a cosmic GAME for dominion of our planet, is put in a position of being the only one who can thwart this GAME…at least he thinks so. With aid from his daughter and devotees, he will attempt to expel these cosmic GAMERS. Only one snag…his daughter really doesn’t like him. That may be the biggest battle of all.
Coming Fall 2016, THE VANGUARDIAN will be like a treasure hunt through history and legend with what I like to call “myth-mashing.” Plenty of action both without and within…yes, within. There is a whole universe between your ears, too!
Who is THE VANGUARDIAN? We’ll answer that together this Fall.

I want to thank all you DANGERous folks for your patience. This Summer saw me prisoner of the evil Mr. Sinusitis & his army of Mold Spores. But, I’ve escaped his clutches and back in the DANGER! Stay tuned for more news and some cool developments with post-ANOMALIES stories by Dave Thomas and other DANGERous stuff!
Will be back with some progress reports in good order!

Karl – Drawing Dangerously for DANGER COMICS