DCCorp 7:19:16

I’ve said this countless times and I’ll keep saying it.

“A good story makes a movie in my head. All I do is storyboard it.”

ANOMALIES was one of those stories.  Dave spent a lot of time formulating and organizing; writing and rewriting; and waited for the art to be done before the final rewrite.  He did it while putting in the dialog balloons!  That’s how our cool cowgirl, Dinah, transformed from a blank slate into a character that drove the story (she’ll be back…we leave no cowgirls behind!)

That said, I just completed the first two chapters of a new project (the name to be dropped in the next few weeks!)  Dave was essential in helping me with clarity, pacing, and expanding.  It’s great walking down the hall knowing your editor is there with a fresh set of eyes.  Nothing is better than hearing him say, “I think this is ready to go.”

I constantly remind myself that the art in comics should work in concert with the story.  “Greater than the sum of their parts…” and all that.  Another quote from a dear mentor comes to mind.

“A gold box with shite in it, is still a box of shite!”

These are wise words, and essential for the comics creator.  Though a predominately visual medium, great art can not save a bad story.  Think about it.  How many of you comics fans remember issues with your favorite artists while not being able to recall the story?  I do.  I’m a “visual” guy.  My favorite runs have fired on all cylinders.  I bet your list and mine are both great in art and story.   Those become iconic…cough… darkknightreturns…cough…watchmen…  Pardon, still getting over that hellish cold.

In closing, apologies for the extended hiatus.  Usually, the perils of gearing down after a large project open the door to illness.  I try not to let it happen; but, it does, occasionally.  Next week, I’ll rant about a redux of some early ANOMALIES pages and other DANGERous stuff .  Meanwhile, share some DANGER with friends and loved ones; and read ANOMALIES-From the Beginning at dangercomicscorp.com!

All the best!

Karl – Comics Caveman for DANGER COMICS