Honoring Honor!

Honoring Honor!

During the 4+ years we were posting ANOMALIES, I decided to do what I termed “remindertisements.”  They were ads we put up on Twitter & Facebook, usually on Thursdays.  While working on some “post-ANOMALIES” projects for DANGER COMIC, I’ve been doing a bit of tidying up.  I wanted to put together a wee gallery of my favorites.  It’s a bit of a time capsule representing a small amount of the thousands of hours I spent dialing in to my “comfort-style” in comics.  I hope you’ll enjoy them.

We’re cooking up some yarns in the DANGERous kitchen.  I’m doing a redux of some of the earliest pages of the ANOMALIES saga, too!  Got to keep my chops & continue to improve them.

Stay tuned & share some DANGER!


Karl – Comics Caveman

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