In writing the new adventure yarn for DANGER COMICS, I was working out some myth-mashing and character designs.  I was concentrating on how I could shoe-horn my yarn into the expanding DANGERous universe.  Being more visually tuned, the movie I make in my head is a silent one.  I am glad Dave Thomas, the author of the ANOMALIES rippin’ yarn, is the writing head on the Two-headed DANGER COMICS gorilla.  When I read the script for ANOMALIES, the movie in my head was a “Talkie.”  I had to widen my gaze

I have to give my characters their own voices.  I was thinking about the motivations of the characters.  Do they have a common goal?  Are their separate goals in concert?  Has each character thought beyond the realization of their goal?  Those questions have to be constantly asked.

My main character, really a first among equals, has a goal that he has been focused on for years.  He had gone through an ordeal and was determined fill the vacuum of equity caused by it.  Going forward, he has stepped back to realize that the consequences were bigger than himself or the many individuals devoted to his quest.  He had to widen his gaze.  However, he had not planned beyond.  That’s where other points of view are needed in the form of close allies.  One planning for the future after a success, and one that has experienced disastrous consequences after a failure.  Whether they can work together is another matter.  They have to widen their gazes, too.

Dave & I are widening our gaze with DANGER COMICS, too.  We’ll be offering more at this site in the near future for our devoted and new readers, alike.

Keep sharing the DANGER.

Karl – The Wide-eyed Doodler for DANGER COMICS

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