Hi! Dave Thomas here to drop a few thoughts on you dear readers who have been following along on our twisted-trail of a story…

Yes, friends and mortals, Anomalies has passed into the worldlines, and cannot be changed without deliberately violating the time-laws that Syne was sworn to uphold, or opening the file and editing it.
We are now deliberately deliberating what comes next for our 6-issue epic, and we will make sure you know what it is as soon as we know.

In the meantime, allow me to indulge in a few author’s notes, like my hero George Bernard Shaw – only without the two-page run-on sentences or finely-manicured beard, and rich wife.  I am, however, wearing a very Shawian smoking jacket!


When I penned the original version of Anomalies in 2009, it was a screenplay.  But, I never get my screenplays anywhere, and this one particularly left readers in the dust, dealing as it does with the complications that would arise if time were something that could be traveled.

Time travel is a very popular framework with writers, but I really wanted to try something – an idea I had that I thought gave it enough to set it apart from the pack.

I’d always wanted to do a “Cowboys & Flying Saucers” story, as if *it* were a well-worn trope. Once the flying saucers were explained as time-machines from our own future, I was off & running!

Another thing I always wanted to do was to create a new superhero.  I’d always noticed that, in origin stories, the creation of the hero takes place pretty fast.  Peter Parker gets bit by a radioactive spider around page two, if memory serves.  So, I decided to do the opposite. The origin story would be *the* story.

And, apropos of the time-travel aspect, the end would be a new beginning – Jeff Monroe would find himself augmented with extra powers, but he would also be plucked from his own time-stream and sent off to adventures in time and space.

Readers have noted that I seldom commented on the story as it unfolded, and here’s why – I couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t laden with spoilers. I really did not want readers to know they were following an origin story. I let it flow from Karl’s pen to the world unheralded, and my scheme allowed us to find an appreciative audience who wondered where in hell all this was going, for four years.

Now that we are finished telling the origin of The Anomaly, all that can be said is keep a watchful eye out for future installments of his exploits in time. To that end, I’ve written a new epilogue for Jeff, both of him. And, Dinah will be there, too – feistier than ever!

Finally, I want to savor this moment of completion, and utter the one-word exclamatory exit line of a writer I admire as much as Shaw, Shakespeare, Austen, or Tolkein —