Dolmen portal - CornwallAfter completing ANOMALIES, Dave’s rippin’ scifi yarn, I’ve been able to catch up with some projects that have been put on the shelf. Through the years drawing the webcomic, I’ve been able to distill a particular story. That’s a good thing, in my opinion.
ANOMALIES has left a fertile expanse to a growing DANGERous universe. The story I’ve been working on will have plenty of action and adventure for the characters in DANGER’s tradition of rippin’ yarns. However; these characters will stop to reflect on their past experiences in moving forward in the tale. Well, they should; but, they don’t sometimes…and that causes some massive problems. You should remember the portals you have gone through before you go through a new portal…or kick it down!
A portal without is exciting, mysterious, and dangerous. A portal within is no different. I’m not trying to get all “Doors of Perception” on you; but you see what I mean. The characters in my new story will go through portals without and within with mixed results. Will they crack doors or kick them open?
I’m thanking Dave in advance for helping me with pacing the script. I’m chomping at the bit to share the story.
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Karl – Doodling for DANGER COMICS