AsDinahMRTo begin, I would like to thank all of the growing number of supporters on behalf of Dave & I. Personally, I can’t believe that ANOMALIES posted its last page a week ago. You folks and your feedback make it all the more worthwhile!
This six-issue (or episode, as I like to say) flagship of DANGER COMICS was as enjoyable create as it was a learning experience. During the last 4 or so years, I learned how to draw on a tablet, a counter-intuitive exercise if you have ever tried it. More importantly, I got back into drawing on a daily basis. Dave honed his script and we developed a shorthand. But, let’s move on…
Dave just completed four 12-page stories that take us beyond the scope of the ANOMALIES story, guaranteed to be rippin’ yarns. It’s the DANGER way. I’m in the process of writing a 12-page prologue that will introduce characters that will further expand the DANGERous universe as informed by ANOMALIES.
Currently, Dave is working on multi-media avenues to augment your experience, too. We will inform you all of story updates and other DANGER stuff.
So, with the end of the ANOMALIES saga, there is a beginning.
Well, back to work!

Karl – The Doodling Primate for DANGER COMICs