As6Tease29.3…; but ANOMALIES remain! Specifically, an “Anomaly” remains.

I finished the final art for ANOMALIES about an hour ago. I saved it into the DANGER drive for Dave to throw in his words. It will be thrown into the ether & magically appear at , thanks to Kassy, in less than 24 hours–a process that has been repeated over 150 times in the course of almost 5 years! We did take off for the occasional holiday…well, mostly.

To show honor for the final page of ANOMALIES, I treated every panel like it was a stand-alone piece. It deserves it. I probably will not do this again for a long time. It’s very exhausting, but extremely satisfying.

Once again, the CHRONOCLYSM may over; the ANOMALIES saga at an end, but an ANOMALY remains. You will be alerted, for sure.

See you tomorrow for the final post of ANOMALIES: a #scifi #timetravel rippin’ yarn!

Karl – Doodler of maximum rippin’ yarnage at DANGER COMICS