As6Tease29.finWell, here we are. Dave and I are working on the final page of ANOMALIES, Episode 6: CHRONOCLYSM! To our stalwart followers over the years, you know that this is the final page of the ANOMALIES saga! But, you can’t Just turn your back on the continuum after you’ve messed it up. A lot of rocks thrown into a pond make a lot of ripples. That said, keep tuned in for rippin’ yarns beyond ANOMALIES! Dave will see to that while I’m completing a 12-page prologue to another title!
We’re not “one-trick-ponies” here.
Once again to our newcomers to the DANGER, you can read the entire #scifi #timetravel #webcomic en toto and ad infinitum here at
See you Tuesday!

Karl – the Doodler for DANGER COMICS