With ANOMALIES wrapping in a couple of weeks, DANGER COMICS will be taking you with us beyond this “rippin’, scifi yarn” as we expand the DANGERous universe. When a CHRONOCLYSM happens, there is mess to clean up; and we like to keep things tidy. Dave is going take charge of the clean-up in future stories.
A project I have been hinting at in past rants is being written; and I will be keeping you informed of progress. I’ll throw in some choice tidbits like previews and panels. I’m writing and drawing it, and Dave is editing it (so I don’t make mess of it.) But, what I can tell you… there will be dragons! Though, they may not be what you think. That’s the DANGER COMICS way.
Remember, next Tuesday is the penultimate post of ANOMALIES!
Don’t miss it and keep sharing the DANGER!
Karl – The 17th level Arch-geek at DANGER COMICS