Hi folks…
I rolled the rock and have emerged from my cave. It was great to take time to “mental floss” for my wealth and hell-being.
We’re a month’s worth of posts from the end of the ANOMALIES saga! I can’t believe it. There are loads of things to tidy up; but you have to expect a mess with time-travel abuse. In this week’s post, Jeff has seemingly dispatched the time-traveling, criminally insane; far-future, knucklehead politicians. However; has our masked rider, Jeff, averted CHRONOCLYSM!? Seems like our hero is being used by the reemerged Andromeda Stone. That’s spooky, hypnotism stuff. By the way, the knucklehead politicians are based on another pair of politicians in recent history. Though, they do resonate to the current political clown car we’re currently subjected to. HAHAha…ha, ahem…okay.
Don’t forget. We have our cool cowgirl, Dinah, and the “other Jeff” to address. Thanks for your continued support.
Some endings are beginnings. It’s time-travel, after all.
Karl – Co-conductor on the DANGER Train.
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