Before Dave brought me the script for ANOMALIES many years & revisions ago, he told me that a constant within his version of time-travel was the “world-line.” That states that every planet has it’s distinctive timeline. I thought this was more than a bit cool.
With that said, if you shred the continuum on a world-line beyond repair, then the paradox created is like a tidal wave in the universe created from the epicenter of an earthquake in space-time. The ripples go outward, destroy everything in its path; but equilibrium is restored, eventually–after a big mess is made.
In ANOMALIES, greedy politicians from the far future come to raid our recent past. They repeat this to correct mistakes, and so on, ad infinitum. This shreds Earth’s world-line enough to destroy the “future Earth.” (see ANOMALIES Ep1: TIME CHASM.)
Now, as we approach the end of the ANOMALIES saga in Ep6: CHRONOCLYSM!, well,…I think the title says it all. If a world line is destroyed, then said world is destroyed… past and future!
There is a polemic about greedy politicians there somewhere. Isn’t that timely?
Thanks for sharing the DANGER and your continued support.

Karl & Dave

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