We three; Dave, the writer; Kassy, our webmaster; and me, the doodler have been posting ANOMALIES for several years. With less than 10 posts in the sixth and final chapter, CHRONOCLYSM!, I’m pausing for a little reflection.

Great scifi will always resonate the times. Though obviously biased, I rate ANOMALIES as great scifi. There are polemics that resonate our times. One is labelling.
I was working on next week’s page when STRANGER in a STRANGE LAND, the iconic science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein, popped into my head (I’ll spare you a book report – just read it!) One particular quote popped out.

“A poisonous snake is NOT dangerous,
no more than a loaded gun is dangerous–
in each case you must handle it properly.”

With this quote, Jubal is telling us that labelling can inform us about something rather than come out of it. In ANOMALIES, our main character, Jeff, is half Native-American, half Irish. This doesn’t suggest that the racist stereotype, “Half-breed,” is intrinsic to his nature; but informs you of his family tree. There are loads of stereotypes portrayed in ANOMALIES; but there is no parole for those who embrace or foster them with action or inaction — see who gets disintegrated in the comic.
Concerning time-travel in our story, it’s not dangerous. Repeated time-travel is not dangerous, either.  Syne does it all the time. However; he is careful where Agent Hart, Sedgewicke et. al. are not. Thus, ANOMALIES and the potential end of ALL time in both directions.

Read the label.  Handle properly.

Enough ranting. I’m going to draw lasers.
S’ya next week with some more DANGERous stuff!