I realized upon finishing the art for this coming Tuesday’s post of ANOMALIES, that we have less than 10 posts left of this rippin’ #scifi yarn! That’s 130+ pages in the can.
Though I’m preparing for the inevitable withdrawal symptoms, I’m extremely excited about the future projects! I can’t speak for Dave on this matter, but after over 2 decades out of comics; I’m glad to have put in the 4-6 hrs/day on top of my “square” job for over 4 years. Had a bunch of catch-up!
The reason I’m telling you this is to remind everyone that there is no expiration dates on dreams. Make some time for a shelved dream, however small. It may balance you out a bit.
Also, an old college mate said his 15 year-old daughter loves Dinah, our cool cowgirl in the webcomic. That’s all I need to hear to keep doing this!
See you Tuesday for the next post of ANOMALIES @

Karl – Silver-backed Comicbook Gorilla

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