Vanguardian2:21:16While a new project for Danger Comics is incubating, I’ll give you some things to ponder as they relate to the new story.

In the post of Jan. 23rd – “The Game” has been afoot…for eons! – I first mentioned that our new tale had at its core a game for Earth’s domination.  Of course, every game is governed by parameters, rules, etc.  While the game is played within those parameters, the more savvy, adept player wins.  Now, look at the wee illustration.

Using chess as the most appropriate metaphor for “The Game,” what if your pieces weren’t following the rules!  We have a pawn that decides where it wants to move  regardless of the players’ intentions.   Hence, the title of the story is…wait for the drum roll…


Now, there is a lot to read into that title; and it will mean different things depending on your perception.  Ask yourself – what was the first thing you thought of as you read the title?

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Embrace some DANGER!